Individual Fittings

individual fittings

Your size doesn't matter, we got you!

We love you just the way you are! Whether small, tall, big or large it doesn't matter and no need to be discouraged about finger, wrist or any sizes. It is our honor to directly adorn the one and only you. In order for our items to truly activate their potential, it is important that they properly fit you. We are able to size and scale your size from a series of pictures that we will request upon your purchase/order. No need to worry if you ever get smaller or bigger, in most cases we are able to re-size your purchase - free of charge. You can always order you very own custom made jewelry built to your specifications HERE.

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End Racism Now!

end racism now
6/7/20 2020 is one for the record books! Not only are we still under global pandemic of Covid-19, but America is under protest against police brutality and racism perpetrated against people of color.   Far too long the majority of Americans have turned a blind eye and offered a deaf ear when it comes to hearing, learning or understanding the issues that plague the black community.  Police brutality, prejudice and racism is nothing new to this country, however the mobilization of all faces and races standing up against these atrocities is new and welcomed.  Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have spilled into the streets, in both urban and suburban communities to stand in solidarity w the black community.   Some say that racism is this country's original sin. So these acts of empathy, consideration and compassion are long overdue and needed. Institutional racism and individual prejudices must be struck down for this nation to move forward and beyond the past. Ob...
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2020 and the pandemic…

Aboriginal Bling Blam! By Ras Tree April 2020 Well as fate would have it, the world is under the Covid-19 pandemic. All of our lives have been turned upside down in one way or another. We all face a new set of challenges before us. Beyond keeping my spirits and immunity up, I've been using my time to dive deep into my list of tasks. Some professional, some personal, some creative. One of those vital tasks was to refurbish my website and learn more about website development and maintenance. Another was to add products and revisit my shopping page. With soo many anxieties and uncertanties, I looked at how I can assist in relieving some of the anguishes. I have added a new Stone Kit called the "Crystal Grounding Kit". This kit is equipped and formulated to allow the user to center themselves, while finding serenity and clarity. This is a combination of stones, smudges and orgone. As a bonus, each kit is equiped w EMF stones for gridding and filtering. And I have an instuctional video...
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